Underground Utility Survey

Underground Utility Survey.

In the congested landscape of today’s increasingly complex utility infrastructure, the technician can be overwhelmed with the multitude of interwoven metallic and non-metallic utilities. Wouldn’t it be easier to see what’s underground without the cost and disruption of exploratory excavation? A truly portable and cost-effective Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system that gives cable and pipe surveyors worldwide the ability to see what’s underground.

Ground-Penetrating Radar is a survey method that uses an electromagnetic energy signal to image the subsurface. A GPR machine usually comprises a transmitter, a receiver, and a signal encoder. The Radio Frequency Locating (RF) method is the most popular technique which Electra uses to detect underground utilities as well, also referred to as line locating, electromagnetic locating or utility marking. It is usually a prerequisite to the more specialized methods of Ground Penetrating Radar

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